About us


The site biologikaorganikaproionta.com created to contribute effectively to the promotion – the presentation and promotion of guaranteed, safe products produced using traditional methods or biological environment friendly.

We are an informational site for Organic Products Organic Farming the Greek Organic Products and Organic shops selling organic products

The whole idea is to highlight the Greek Products and favored by consumers, especially in the period of crisis.

Regarding food, food scares, mad cow, dioxin and salmonella in chickens, afthodis fever in pigs, sheep scrapie, residues of pesticides and nitrates in vegetables, genetically modified foods, have led consumers to be informed, aware and very demanding in food products and general. Those consumers targeted by the site.

Guests have the option of “contact” and “acquaintance” with Greek safe products of high value. By clicking on the product can be directly informed and gain information on the mode of production and the location of production, the entrepreneur’s product and marketing outlets – selling the product.
The information is provided in a simple and understandable by navigating the site super easy.

The website refers to both consumers and wholesalers, retailers seeking organic and traditional Greek quality products.
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